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June 9, 2008
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30 fake Pokemon by FnrrfYgmSchnish 30 fake Pokemon by FnrrfYgmSchnish
My first attempts at making Pokémon sprites from scratch. Well, 29 of them are completely from scratch, anyway--one uses the shell from the end of Slowbro's tail.

EDIT: Good lord, 17,000+ views and 3000+ downloads?? What is wrong with you people? These aren't even all that good...


First row:
Slurpuppy -- Poison-type dog, with midly poisonous drool
Droolog -- Slurpuppy's evolved form; Poison/Dark
Slobberuff -- The fully-evolved form; Poison/Dark
(Unnamed) -- Ground-type rat/mouse critter
(Unnamed) -- The first evolved form; Ground/Fighting
Whamster -- Fully-evolved hamster; Ground/Fighting

Second row:
(Unnamed) -- Planty kitty; Grass-type
(Unnamed) -- Evolved planty kitty; Grass-type
(Unnamed) -- Fully-evolved plant kitty, Grass/Psychic
(Unnamed) -- Copperhead-based snake; Poison-type
(Unnamed) -- Rattlesnake-based; Poison/Rock
Phleague -- Annoying flea thing; Bug/Poison

Third row:
(Unnamed) -- The little yellow bell thing; Sound-type
(Unnamed) -- Evolved yellow blob thing; Sound-type
(Unnamed) -- "Pet rock" with fake eyes; Rock-type
Algaez -- It's a little seaweed blob; Grass/Water
Seiweed -- *Huge* evolved form of Algez; Grass/Water
Tungling -- It's a baby Lickitung. Normal-type

Fourth row:
(Unnamed) -- A Lickitung evolution that, unlike Lickilicky, doesn't suck. Normal-type
(Unnamed) -- A baby Lapras. Water-type, or maybe Water/Ice, I can't remember whether it was part Ice or not
Plunk -- A chubby little penguin. Ice-type
Plunkodon -- Evolved from Plunk, it's a wrestler penguin. Ice/Fighting
Vamoose -- A ghosty moose that lives in snowy forests. Ghost-type
Oopho -- It's... a little UFO-type thing. Steel/Flying

Fifth row:
Phantomb -- A ghost carrying a big tombstone. Ghost/Rock
(Unnamed) -- An aquatic parasite that infests Slowpoke tails. Water-type
(Unnamed) -- Evolved form of the parasite: that thing on a Slowbro's tail... Water-type
(Unnamed) -- Fighting-type lizard.
(Unnamed) -- A bigger lizard. Fighting/Dark
(Unnamed) -- Big warlord/chief type lizard. Fighting/Dark


Random facts:

* A few of these guys are (probably) among the oldest fake Pokémon ever made by someone in the United States. I made up the first versions of the Lickitung evolution and Algaez sometime between 1997 and 1998 (back when none of the Pokémon games had even been released in English yet), and then Plunk, Plunkodon, and Seiweed came sometime around 1998-1999.

* Poison/Ground/Grass is one of only four type triangles that's balanced properly so that it works for starting Pokémon. The others are Grass/Fire/Water (as seen in-game), Rock/Fighting/Flying, and Fire/Rock/Steel.

* I made the first version of my Lickitung evolution between 1997 and 1998. Nintendo didn't come up with an official Lickitung evolution until 2007, and even with an extra 10 years to work on it, theirs somehow ended up being worse than mine. Which really sucks, because their version is the one that's actually available in the games.

* When I originally made up Algaez and Seiweed, Grass/Water was a type combination that hadn't been used yet in the games. It wasn't until Ruby/Sapphire that an official Pokémon finally used those two types together.

* The lizards and the fully-evolved form of the plant-kitty turned out kinda bad, in my opinion anyway. The only reason they even made it on here is because it'd be a little odd to leave out the final form of a three-form evolution chain... and because I had three blank spots at the end that the three lizards just happened to fit into perfectly.

* Speaking of the lizards, the Fighting/Dark type combination doesn't currently exist on ANY official Pokémon. I wonder how many generations we'll have to wait before one finally shows up? (July 2013 EDIT:, apparently. And the official ones are ALSO lizards, oddly enough.)

* Plunk and Plunkodon were originally Ice/Flying, as they were made way back in the day when almost everyone (including me, thanks mostly to Doduo/Dodrio) thought that any bird-based Pokémon HAD to be Flying-type.

* And speaking of Plunkodon--its current type combination, Ice/Fighting, hasn't been used by any of Nintendo's 493 official Pokémon. (July 2013 EDIT: And still isn't as of Black/White.)

* Neither is the Poison/Rock combination that the bigger snake has, for that matter. (July 2013 EDIT: Another one that still isn't used in the official games yet, as of Black/White.)

* Or Ground/Fighting, as seen on Whamster and its middle-stage form. (July 2013 EDIT: Once again... this still applies as of the 5th generation.)

* Algaez and Phantomb can be found on The Pokémon Factory (; Algaez in the R/B/Y-style section and Phantomb in the G/S/C-style one.

* Algaez originally had two weird little bug-like legs, back when I first thought of the idea for it in 1997-1998. After I sent it into the Pokémon Factory site and saw that their version left out the legs, I realized it looked better without legs and removed them from my version as well.

* Phantomb, on the other hand, was basically unchanged--the Pokémon Factory sprite for it looked almost identical to the image of it that I had in my head at the time. It hasn't been changed much since then, either, even when I made a new sprite for it.

* Seiweed, at 42 feet in length, was the biggest of all Pokémon when I originally made it up back in 1998-1999. Now, however, it would only be the second biggest--a Wailord is over 47 feet in length.

* Another random bit about Phantomb--Ghost/Rock hasn't been used for an official Pokémon yet, even with the giant leap in the number and variety of Ghost-types in the third and fourth generation games. (July 2013 EDIT: And 5th. Still no Ghost/Rock, though Yamask/Cofagrigus--or at least just Cofagrigus--probably could work as Ghost/Rock. I suspect we'll get one in the 6th generation though, since they've already revealed a Ghost/Steel one.)

* Lickitung and the baby Lapras both use an item called "Spiked Shell" in order to evolve. Like the King's Rock, however, it's useful for more than just evolving those two--having it equipped duplicates the effect of the ability Rough Skin, causing the opponent's physical attacks to have a small amount of recoil damage. (July 2013 EDIT: Huh... looks like I sorta-predicted the Rocky Helmet with this one?)

* If it doesn't look like a Shellder and doesn't act like a Shellder, it probably isn't a Shellder. Which is exactly why I made the parasite critter that evolves into the free-swimming form of the shell that's usually found attached to a Slowbro's tail--because that shell sure as hell isn't a freakin' Shellder.

* Sound is one of the only things left that isn't properly covered by a Pokémon type already, so if they ever add an 18th type, Sound seems to be the most likely choice. That's why I made up my own Sound type--it actually made sense, unlike most fan-made types. (July 2013 EDIT: And some official types... >_<)

* Unfortunately, I can't say all the new types I've made up over the years made much sense--at one point, I came up with types like "Food," "Kirby," "Slug," "Alien," and "Star."
Food and Kirby were just ridiculous, Slug was already covered more than well enough by Bug and/or Water, and aliens don't have enough significant differences to justify making an entirely seperate type for them (kinda like Dragon-type, actually...)
Of course, the Star type lasted a bit longer than those--up until the D/P generation came out, I still had some Star-type Pokémon ideas. It might actually not be too bad, at least when compared to my other rejected types (and the many Dumb Type Ideas of the Pokémon fandom--Light, Wind, Crystal, etc.) and considering that it covers a lot of things that don't have a clear type in the games so far--space/cosmic/gravity-related powers, light/energy beams, aliens, and so on. But eventually I decided that I didn't really like the Star type that much, and ditched it just like the rest.
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